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Kokstad College COVID-19 Response – Letter to Parents

Dear Parents

As you are no doubt aware the Minster of Education has mandated the phased reopening of schools, beginning with the Grade 12s on 8 June. The media has reported much uncertainty around the reopening of schools as many schools in South Africa have not yet met the minimum safety requirements under the COVID regulations. As such, we ask parents to follow the media broadcasts where any deviation from this directive to return to school will be announced, should the Department of Education change its directive. 

The School Management and SGB have been working very hard to ensure that all protocols are in place at Kokstad College and the Grade 12s will be given a clear outline of the protocols involved when they return, and what is expected from us all. In the meantime, please take note of the following:


In terms of legislation, attendance is compulsory. Parents of learners who have pre-existing conditions that prohibit them from returning to school are requested to contact the school so that they may be advised what procedures are to be followed in the case of a learner with a co-morbidity diagnosis.  Parents who do not wish to send their children back, must register them for home schooling and complete their education privately.

School Hours:

For now, registration and screening of learners will take place daily from 08h00 to 08h30, thereafter lessons will begin and run until 14h10. No after hours activities will be permitted, and all learners must be off the school property no later than 15 minutes after the final bell, to facilitate the daily sanitation and disinfecting of the school. 

Dress Code:

Learners may wear one of the following:

  • Full school uniform
  • Full school  tracksuit
  • Appropriate civvies

Learners are asked not to mix and match, please ensure that  all clothing is hygienically acceptable. To this end, learners must wear closed shoes. No caps or beanies may be worn with civvies. Also please note that the school has not endorsed the sale of masks with the school badge on them, as this is an additional burden to parents at this time.

Declaration of underlying conditions:

All learners must fill in the learner health questionnaire and parents are requested to disclose whether a learner has an underlying condition (also known as a CO-MORBIDITY factor) that puts the learner at higher health risk if he/she should contract COVID 19.

Daily Screening:

All learners will be screened daily; however if your answer to any of the following questions is “yes” on a particular day, please do not come to school until such time as you have been cleared by a professional health official:

  • Do you have a high temperature?
  • Do you have a cough?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Do you have difficulty breathing  (shortness of breath)?
  • Do you feel tired and weak?
  • Have you lost your normal taste for food and drinks?
  • Have you lost your normal sense of smell?

Grade 12 Protocol – 8 June:

All matrics must enter via the main gate and proceed towards the hall, down the stairs in front of the hall, and proceed to the demarked waiting area in front of the hall foyer entrance.

  • Members of staff will be acting as marshals, and must be obeyed at all times.
  • Learners must arrive at school wearing a face mask.
  • Hand sanitisation, thermal screening and a register will be taken at the allocated tables for each class.
  • Please remember that physical distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • All Matrics will be issued with two masks, as supplied by the Department.
  • Matrics will receive an orientation and be fully briefed before proceeding to their first lesson.
  • All hands will be sanitised before entering a classroom, and all the desks will be sanitised before and after each lesson.
  • All learners are encouraged to bring a small hand towel/cloth  and a small bottle of hand sanitizer (if possible) for their personal use.
  • Traffic in the passages between lessons and at break times will be closely monitored and controlled to ensure physical distancing.
  • Learners will be provided with map of venues being used as well as “routes between classes” explanation.

Academic Programme:

 Grade 12s will be expected to complete the normal academic programme for the year, and all teachers will be providing the necessary backup and support to ensure this happens. Again, the Grade 12s will be given full details on their return. My sincere thanks to all those staff who have provided learners with opportunities for remote/ self-study and who have, and are, working very hard to teach during this lockdown period. Once school has opened, the school will be contacting Grades 8-11s with information regarding the rest of the academic year and details as to the remote learning work packs, which will be distributed for all subjects.


The tuckshop will remain closed. Please ensure each learner brings their own healthy lunch to school.  No sharing of food will be permitted.

School Visitors:  

NO visitors are allowed on the premises unless: a prior appointment is made, to pay school fees, to collect learning materials or when it is required by the school that Parents / Guardians attend a scheduled meeting. 

School Fees:

School fees are payable via EFT. If you are unable to make use of EFT and need to make payments physically, please make an arrangement with Mrs Malan. Thank you to all parents who have made an effort to keep their school fee accounts up to date. This has gone a long way to help the school provide the type of education your children are receiving.

While I urge you all to stay safe and look after yourselves, we await the return of our Grade 12s with much anticipation!

Yours in Education

Mrs. M. Brophy

Acting Principal

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